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Who We Are

The modern Mormon Battalion Association™ was established in the late 1940s when LDS President David O. McKay asked his Huntsville neighbor, Fred M. Reese, to form an organization to help fulfill the prophecy of Brigham Young that the Mormon Battalion would be held in honorable remembrance.  We were incorporated in 1954 and are a 501 (C) 3 non-profit organization. 

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The Mormon Battalion Association™ Mission and Vision

Mission Statement: The Mormon Battalion Association™ will preserve and celebrate the heritage of the Mormon Battalion.

Vision Statement: We will strive to honor the legacy of the Mormon Battalion by:

  • Scholarly research into the life histories of the Battalion members before, during, and after their enlistment, including the women and children and others who accompanied them.
  • Outreach to Battalion descendants and all other interested persons.
  • Preservation of the Battalion Trail through coordinated efforts with local, state, and federal agencies.
  • Participation in local and national seminars and conferences to promote knowledge of Battalion history.
  • The use of technology and other media platforms to engage the public with the Battalion’s history.
  • We are networking with historical and genealogical organizations to celebrate and promote knowledge of Mormon Battalion history.
  • Participating in reenactments, parades, and other event-oriented activities to educate.

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